Framed Aviation Pictures and Prints

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Desert Hawks by Robert Taylor

A flight of Kittyhawks of No. 3 Squadron Royal Australian Air Force on a strike mission over the North African Desert in January 1942, in the build-p to the Battle of Alamein. No. 3 Squadron RAAF was the first in the Desert to achieve 100 confirmed victories, and continuing in combat throughout the fighting in North Africa, became the Squadron with the highest number of air victories of the Desert Air Force Squadrons.

Each print is individually signed by the artist and FOUR RAAF and R.A.F. pilots.




Fear Nothing by Anthony Saunders

The Battle of Britain is at its height but the threat of invasion is still a deadly reality. As the country waited, grim and expectant, for Hiltler’s Operation Sealion to be put into action, Blenheims from 105 Squadron make another strike against German troop barges assembling in the northern French port of Boulogne. Overhead, escorting Hurricanes of 501 Squadron engage in a savage tussle with Me109s of JG3. An outstanding piece released to commemorate the 70th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain.

This limited edition print has been signed by TWO Battle of Britain veterans, a Hurricane pilot and a Blenheim Air Gunner.

Flight Lieutenant TERRY CLARK DFM
219 Sqn Blenhiems

501 Sqn Hurricanes




One Mig Down by Robert Taylor

A formation of Mirages led by LtCol Avi Lanir, commander of 101 Squadron Israeli Air Force, intercepts MiG21's over the Syrian Desert on 9 November 1972. In the ensuing dogfight two of the Syrian MiG's are shot down, one of them from a direct hit by Lanir to score his second MiG victory.

Created with the direct input of one of the greatest Jet Aces of the Supersonic age, Giora Epstein, this spectacular piece is a tribute to one of the greatest fighter leaders of the Isreali Air Force, Lt Colonel Avraham Lanir and depicts an arena of aviation combat that is seldom depicted.

This limited edition is signed by no less than TWENTY SIX Israeli Aces that flew the Mirage in combat, amassing a total of more than 207 victories between them.



Overall framed size 92cm x 77cm