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Desert Hawks by Robert Taylor

A flight of Kittyhawks of No. 3 Squadron Royal Australian Air Force on a strike mission over the North African Desert in January 1942, in the build-p to the Battle of Alamein. No. 3 Squadron RAAF was the first in the Desert to achieve 100 confirmed victories, and continuing in combat throughout the fighting in North Africa, became the Squadron with the highest number of air victories of the Desert Air Force Squadrons.

Each print is individually signed by the artist and FOUR RAAF and R.A.F. pilots.


*Please Note the frame has some light scuffing*



This print is available unframed

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Fear Nothing by Anthony Saunders

The Battle of Britain is at its height but the threat of invasion is still a deadly reality. As the country waited, grim and expectant, for Hiltler’s Operation Sealion to be put into action, Blenheims from 105 Squadron make another strike against German troop barges assembling in the northern French port of Boulogne. Overhead, escorting Hurricanes of 501 Squadron engage in a savage tussle with Me109s of JG3. An outstanding piece released to commemorate the 70th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain.

This limited edition print has been signed by TWO Battle of Britain veterans, a Hurricane pilot and a Blenheim Air Gunner.

Flight Lieutenant TERRY CLARK DFM
219 Sqn Blenhiems

501 Sqn Hurricanes




This print is available unframed

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One Mig Down by Robert Taylor

A formation of Mirages led by LtCol Avi Lanir, commander of 101 Squadron Israeli Air Force, intercepts MiG21's over the Syrian Desert on 9 November 1972. In the ensuing dogfight two of the Syrian MiG's are shot down, one of them from a direct hit by Lanir to score his second MiG victory.

Created with the direct input of one of the greatest Jet Aces of the Supersonic age, Giora Epstein, this spectacular piece is a tribute to one of the greatest fighter leaders of the Isreali Air Force, Lt Colonel Avraham Lanir and depicts an arena of aviation combat that is seldom depicted.

This limited edition is signed by no less than TWENTY SIX Israeli Aces that flew the Mirage in combat, amassing a total of more than 207 victories between them.

Edition 310/400

*Please Note the frame has some light scuffing*



Overall framed size 92cm x 77cm

This print is available unframed

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Dawn Til Dusk by Richard Taylor

COMMEMORATING THE 65th ANNIVERSARY OF D-DAY – JUNE 6th Fighter Ace Johnnie Johnson leads MkIX Spitfires of his 144 Canadian Wing back to their base at Ford after a long day of operations over Normandy shortly after D-Day. The wing flew constant fighter sweeps throughout the Normandy Invasions, before relocating to France on June 15th1944. This superb new edition is personally signed by outstanding Aces who flew with the Canadian Wing during the Normandy Invasions, under the leadership of the highest scoring RAF Ace of WWII – Johnnie Johnson.

This is the now sold out Collectors Edition
Every print has been personally signed by the artist, Richard Taylor, together with four Aces who flew Spitfires with the Canadian Wing during D-Day

Lieutenant General DON LAUBMAN DFC
Squadron Leader ROY WOZNIAK DFC

Collectors Edition 31/70

*Please Note the frame has some light scuffing*


Overall framed size 92cm x 76cm

This print is available unframed

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Thunder In The Ardennes By Anthony Saunders

Anthony’s magnificent painting portrays P-47 Thunderbolts of the 509th Fighter Squadron, 405th Fighter Group, as they pass low over paratroopers of the 82nd Airborne Division advancing through heavy snow during the Battle of the Bulge, early January 1945. Major Robert ‘Blackie’ Blackburn, in his distinctive aircraft Chow Hound, leads his unit as they head out on a morning low-level bombing mission.

This SEVEN signature collectors edition has been signed by veterans from the two US Airborne Divisions who fought at Bastogne, together with 7 renowned fighter pilots:

First Lieutenant EDWARD J. LOPEZ DFC PH
Flew P-47s with the 365th Fighter Group and later the 387th Fighter Squadron during the Battle of the Bulge.

Flew P-47s with the 387th Fighter Squadron in the Ardennes and was awarded the DFC for helping to destroy seven tanks, three armored vehicles and five trucks in a single day.

Private 1st Class ARTHUR ‘ART’ PETERSEN
Jumped on D-Day with Fox Company, 506th PIR, 101st Airborne,. Wounded during Operation Market Garden, he re-joined in time to defend Bastogne.

Private 1st Class SALVADOR ‘SAL’ PEREZ
Jumped on D-Day with the Service Company, 506th PIR, 101st Airborne and fought throughout Normandy, Operation Market Garden and at Bastogne

Served in the 82nd Airborne Division with the 307th Airborne Engineer Battalion (C). Wounded in Belgium in September 1944 he returned to fight in the Battle of the Bulge.

Made four combat jumps with the 505th PIR, 82nd Airborne at Sicily, at Salerno, on D-Day and finally Operation Market Garden before fighting during the Battle of the Bulge. He was awarded the Silver Star and Purple Heart.

Flew P-47s with the 78th Fighter Group on dive-bombing and strafing missions in support of the Normandy invasion and in the Ardennes. He later converted to P-51s and shot down three Fw190s in a single mission and an Me262 jet.

Collectors Edition 28/125

*Please Note the frame has some light scuffing*


Overall framed size 94cm x 76cm

This print is available unframed

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Vital Force by Richard Taylor

Richard Taylor’s poignant painting captures eloquently the urgency of a scramble – an everyday occurrence during those frantic days in the summer of 1940. Battle of Britain ace Flight Lieutenant Ian Gleed leads a detachment of Hurricane Mk1s from 87 Squadron as they climb out of their Exeter airfield during the peak of the battle in the high summer of 1940.


Flight Lieutenant PETER HAIRS MD
Flight Lieutenant BILL GREEN

Limited Edition 84/400

*Please Note the frame has some light scuffing*


Overall framed size 102cm x 74cm

The Mighty Hamilcar By Robin Smith

The largest wooden glider in the world, The Mighty Hamilcar, could carry seven tons of cargo which would normally be heavy armoured equipment and army personnel. One of the main dangers, apart from crash landings, was the risk the glider would tip over on landing,m resulting in the cargo falling down on top of the two man crew. Upon landing, the hydraulic oleo legs would lower down so the vehicles and personnel could disembark safely.

This limited edition print, 30/500, comes with a certificate of authenticity


Overall framed size 63cm x 49cm

Phantoms And The Ark Royal By Philip West

Pictured during her final call to duty. The majestic, Royal Navy HMS Ark Royal, sailed into wind to recover Phantom's returning from a cap mission. In operational service the Phantom provided immense additional capability to the Fleet Air Arm. Mach 2 performance, impressive range, all-weather, strike and air defence. In the 1970's. Ark Royal had a complement of 2250 crew, 2640 including air staff. 39 aircraft comprising 892 Sqn Phantom's, 809 Sqn Buccaneer's, 849 Sqn Gannet's, 824 Sqn Sea King's. Two Ship's Flight Wessex helicopters one Gannet for Carrier Onboard deliveries. She entered HMNB Devonport for the last time on 4 December 1978 and decommissioned on 14 February 1979 when the White Ensign was lowered for the last time. So ended the illustrious career of R09. A much loved and respected ship.

Signed by the artist and Phantom pilot Lt. Cdr. David Braithwaite MBE MRAes MCIM

Primary Edition 23/100


Overall framed size 80cm x 59cm

This print is available unframed

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High Cost By Robert Taylor

A TRIBUTE TO THE MEN WHO FLEW THE LANCASTER. The crews of Bomber Command faced one of the most daunting tasks, calling for courage sustained night after night, in conditions of desperate danger and discomfort. They did not fail us and 55,573 paid the supreme sacrifice”. In his new tribute to “The Many”, Robert Taylor’s evocative painting HIGH COST recreates a typical scene encountered by many Royal Air Force bomber squadrons on raids over enemy occupied territory: Having already survived 30 successful operational sorties, on 9 February 1945 Lancaster PG-G of 619 Squadron has been intercepted by Luftwaffe night-fighters during a raid over Stettin Bay.

This is the RAF Edition signed by Five RAF airmen who flew with Bomber Command during WW2.

Flight Lieutenant GEORGE BRITTON
Flight Lieutenant JOHN COX DFC
Flight Lieutenant TOM AUSTIN DFC AE
Wing Commander ‘MAC’ ENGLAND DFC*

RAF Edition 299/500


Overall framed size 78cm x 55cm

This print is available unframed

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Defence Of The Realm By Robert Taylor

In the azure skies above London and the south-eastern Shires of England during the long, hot summer of 1940, a small band of RAF fighter pilots, substantially out-numbered, and against all odds, flew and fought a savage aerial battle in defence of the Realm. Their success in repelling the might of the Luftwaffe has become legend. They were Churchill’s FEW. Fresh from the heat of battle after a dog-fight over the city, No. 85 Squadron’s C.O., Peter Townsend, levels off and turns his Hurricane for home to re-fuel, re-arm, and rejoin the fight. A symbolic portrayal paying tribute to the Hawker Hurricane and its legendary pilots who, between them, accounted for four of every five enemy aircraft destroyed during the momentous Battle of Britain.

Limited Edition signed by:

Group Captain Peter Townsend

Limited Edition 299/500

*Please Note the frame has some light scuffing*


Overall framed size 82cm x 66cm

Those Golden Moments By Philip West

As the sun slowly begins to rise this wintry morning over Thorp Abbots, Norfolk, ground crew prepare B-17G "The All American Girl" in an almost surreal setting, for another dangerous mission over enemy territory. On January 10, 1945, with 98 successful missions behind them, 19-year-old 1st Lt. John Dodrill and his crew went missing on a combat sortie over Cologne. Like many other crews, they made the ultimate sacrifice in the fight for freedom, with the "Bloody Hundredth" Bombardment Group playing its full part with courage and honor.

Primary Edition artist signed

Primary Edition 35/350

*Please Note this print has been previously framed and has old tape marks. All marks behind the mount*


Overall framed size 82cm x 49cm

First Of The Few By Frank Wootton PGAvA

This hard to find print depicts the first operational Spitfire, a Mk I of 19 Sqn, RAF in 1938 and has been signed by test pilot Jeffery Quill and other members of the Vickers and Rolls Royce development team. No other print produced brings this vital group of people together. Very rare to find this print by Frank Wootton PVAvA in unfaded condition.

Edition 576/850


Overall framed size 82cm x 67cm

Night Of The Hunter By Gerald Coulson

Limited edition print showing a Bristol Blenheim MkIV flown by Wing Commander Max Aitkin DFC, then commanding Officer of 68 Squadron, on an intruder sortie over the Dutch coast in 1941.

This limited edition is signed by:

Lady Violet Aitkin

The Rt. Hon. Viscount Rothermere

Limited edition 822/850

*Please Note this print has a slight indentation appox 16cm long in the dark area lower edge. It is difficult to see without tipping the picture at an angle*


Overall framed size 82cm x 67cm

Merlins Over Malta By Gerald Coulson

Hawker Hurricanes of 126 Squadron from Ta'Qali over the island of Malta diving to attack a force of JU88s that are bombing Valleta's Grand Harbour. The Hurricane in the foreground is Z3055 HA-E which is now being restored to taxiable condition at the Malta Aviation Museum. The second Hurricane is Z5410 HA-C, is the Historic Aircraft Collection's Hawker Hurricane which flew to Malta in September 2005 wearing this scheme.

Signed by Six Malta Hurricane Veterans

Wing Commander Tom Neil, DFC
Squadron Leader Harry Moon
Group Captain Tommy Thompson, DFC
Squadron Leader Bam Bamberger, DFC
Squadron Leader P. Leggett
Flight Lieutenant Keith Lawrence, DFC

Limited Edition 2/250

*Please Note the frame has some light scuffing*


Overall framed size 87cm x 71cm

This print is available unframed

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Dangerous Coast By Robert Taylor

A large force of Mosquitos from RAF Coastal Command’s Banff Strike Wing exit a deep-sided fjord along Norway’s rugged, heavily defended mountainous coast. In the distance, smoke and explosions reverberate from their successful rocket strike against enemy coastal shipping, destroying yet another cargo of iron ore destined for the furnaces of Germany’s industrial war machine. Above them P-51 Mustangs provide top cover support should any patrolling enemy fighters decide to make an appearance.

Every print has been signed in pencil by THREE highly distinguished Mosquito aircrew:

Flight Lieutenant DES CURTIS DFC - Navigator / Banff Strike Wing
Warrant Officer RICHARD ‘DICK’ MAYWOOD - Pilot / Pathfinders & Light Night Strike Force
Flight Lieutenant BRIAN BEATTIE - Pilot / Banff Strike Wing

Limited Edition 25/200


Overall framed size 82cm x 59cm

This print is available unframed

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Return of the Hunters- A D-Day Portfolio By Anthony Saunders

As men and material pour ashore from the recently installed, prefabricated 'Mulberry Harbour A' at Omaha Beach, a pair of RAF Mk 1b Typhoons from 245 Squadron race towards their base at Holmesley South Hampshire, to refuel and re-arm. The Typhoon pilots have just delivered a devastating rocket attack on German positions behind the Normandy beachead. A few days later a violent storm would devastate the harbour below.

Signed by:

Flying Officer DEREK TAPSON
Wing Commander JERRY EATON DFC
Flight Lieutenant DAVID INCE

Limited Edition number 35/350

£170.00 (£320.00 for Return of the Hunters and Dawn Breakers)

Single or Pair

Overall framed size 8274cm x 63cm

This print is available unframed

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Dawn Breakers - A D-Day Portfolio By Anthony Saunders

Halifaxes of 76 Sqn head Nort over Gold beach towards England after attacking German gun batteries behind the landing zones in the early hours of D-Day. Escorted by P51 Mustangs from the 359th Fighter Group they witness the unforgettable sight unfolding below them in the light of dawn, as a vast flotilla of landing craft heads towards the Normandy shore.

Signed by.

Flight Lieutenant ERIC BERNARD
Flight Lieutenant JAMES HAMPTON
Warrant Officer REX STATHAM

Limited Edition number 35/350

£170.00 (£320.00 for Dawn Breakers and Return of the Hunters)

Single or Pair

Overall framed size 74cm x 63cm

This print is available unframed

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Night Hunters By Anthony Saunders

Leutnant Jorg Cypionka of 10./NJG11 engages a powerful incoming force of fast, high-flying RAF Mosquitos from 139 (Jamaica) Squadron (PFF) in one of his unit's few remaining Me262A jets. The Mosquito crews, however, know the dangers of these hotly contested skies over Berlin only too well.

Signed by:

Flying Officer MIKE BAYON DFC
Navigator with 139 Sqn, Light Night Strike Force.

Flight Lieutenant GEORGE CASH DFC
Navigator with 139 Sqn, Light Night Strike Force.

Leutnant JORG CYPIONKA Iron Cross
Flew Me262 night-fighter 'Red 6' with NJG11 scoring two victories

Limited Edition number 157/350


Overall framed size 71cm x 62cm

This print is available unframed

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Juno Beach By Anthony Saunders

As shells from the naval bombardment whistle overhead, and ground-fire crackles around them, a pair of Mk IXb Spitfires from 412 Canadian Squadron make a fast run over Juno Beach, in support of the Third Canadian Division storming ashore. Landing craft negotiate their way through choppy seas and mined beach obstacles to discharge men at the water’s edge, ready to assault the high sea wall, as tanks begin to open fire on nearby enemy positions.

Signed By:


Limited Edition number 240/400


Overall framed size 71cm x 62cm

Return of the Hunters Nicolas Trudgian

Messerschmitt Me262s of JG7 race back to their base at Brandenburg after intercepting a USAAF bomber raid on Munich, and Luftwaffe air bases in the area. Below them a B-26 has crash-landed in the fields still covered with a sprinkling of late winter snow. In the distance the afternoon sun glistens on the Bavarian Alpine mountains.

*This was originally a limited edition print but the signatures were damaged so have been removed*


Overall framed size 87cm x 63cm

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