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Skipper - Home at Last by Robert Taylor

There is a brief moment of calm as B-17 ‘Skipper’ of the 367th Squadron, 306th Bomb Group returns to base at Thurleigh in East Anglia after another grueling daytime mission over occupied Europe, January 1945. One of the longest-serving Flying Fortresses of the war, ‘Skipper’ completed over 100 combat missions despite suffering from battle damage in late 1944.

Robert’s superb graphite edition acts as a lasting tribute to the brave aircrew of the USAAF who flew the mighty B-17 in combat during WWII.

Personally autographed by four prominent veterans who flew Flying Fortresses in combat over Europe including KEMP MCLAUGHLIN who was the lead pilot on the second Schweinfurt mission and ROBERT SHOENS who took part in the first USAAF daylight bombing raid to Berlin:

Brigadier General J. KEMP MCLAUGHLIN
Pilot / 92nd BG / Lead pilot on the Schweinfurt raid

Pilot / 100th BG / Took part in the first USAAF daylight mission to Berlin

Lieutenant Colonel ROBERT KLEYLA
Bombardier / 91st BG / Flew some of the first 8th AF missions of the war

Lieutenant Colonel RALPH NUTTER
Navigator / 305th BG / General Curtis Lemay’s Navigator

*Previously framed light tape marks behind mount*


Overall framed size 64cm x 51cm

This print is available unframed

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Typhoon Scramble By Richard Taylor

Led by Squadron Commander Roland “Bee” Beamont, Typhoons of 609 Squadron are dramatically illustrated as they scramble
from their base at Manston in April 1943, the brute force and raw aggression of this tough warbird leaving nothing to the imagination. A collector’s piece for the future, of this there’s no doubt.

Signed by three fighter pilots who flew the Typhoon in combat with 609 Squadron.

Flight Lieutenant Sir ALEC ATKINSON
Flight Lieutenant GEOFFREY STEVENS
Flying Officer ALLEN BILLAM

Limited Edition number 186/300


Overall framed size 71cm x 60cm

Island Sentinels by Roy Garner

A lovely atmospheric print depicting 3 Gloster Sea Gladiators Faith, Hope and Charity of 261 Squadron Malta Fighter Flight, summer 1940. This limited edition print has been signed by the artist Roy Garner and by Flight Lieutenant James Pickering AFC (deceased). While stationed on Malta Jim mainly flew Hurricanes but he did fly at least 5 operations in the legendary Gladiators, Faith, Hope and Charity.

*Light scuffing to the frame*

Limited Edition number 26/500


Overall framed size 83cm x 74cm

This print is available unframed

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Out of the Night - First to Go In By Robert Taylor

Silently out of the night they came. With flaps deployed, three timber and plywood Horsa gliders swept swiftly down through the night skies, rapidly closing with their objective – Pegasus Bridge over the Caen Canal. On board, with tension etched deep into their blackened faces, men from the Oxfordshire & Buckinghamshire Light Infantry, part of the British 6th Airborne Division, braced themselves for landing. They, and sappers from the Royal Engineers, were about to become the first fighting force to land in France on D-Day. They were about to make history. This new graphite collectors edition is personally signed by veterans who fought in the epic encounter at Pegasus Bridge, assaulted the beaches and one of the six Halifax pilots who towed the gliders into action on that momentous night.

In addition to the signatures on the Limited Edition, the TEN signature D-Day Editions have also been signed by the following veterans of Pegasus Bridge, of the D-Day landings, and one of the RAF Halifax pilots.

Craftsman ROY BISHOP
Lance Corporal HARRY HOPKINS
Squadron Leader JOHN FISHER DFC (USA

D-Day Edition number 11/200


Overall framed size 65cm x 76cm

Severn Trail By Robert Taylor

A magnificent study of a pair of C130 Hercules seen in tactical trail over the Severn Estuary, 25 miles west of R.A.F. Lyneham, headquarters base of RAF Support Command.

*Please note that this print has not been cared for by its previous owner and does have some damage, hence the reduced price, but it is all hidden behind the mount. There is some evidence of foxing to the border below the image but the image itself is in very good condition with no fading*

Limited Edition number 666/850


Overall framed size 90cm x 73cm

Bristol Blenheim - Air Marshal Sir Ivor Broom, KCB, CBE, DSO, DFC**, AFC (1920 - 2003)

A postal cover signed by Sir Ivor Broom on the 30th Anniversary of the flight of the Victor, 24th December 1952. Sir Ivor Broom joined the RAF in April 1940 and graduated as a Sgt pilot in May 1941. He was posted initially to 114 Sqn flying the Bristol Blenheim and later to 107 Sqn in Malta also flying Blenheims. It was here that he was commissioned and awarded his first DFC in November 1941. He later went on to fly Mosquitos and after the war Spitfires. After a number of staff jobs he was posted to command 57 Sqn one of the first squadrons to be equipped with the Canberra. He finally retired and Air Marshal in 1977 and passed away in 2003 aged 82.

The aircraft is a Bristol Blenheim Mk4 which was the first type he flew as an RAF pilot and the picture comes from a 1941 copy of a special book produced by the Illustrated London News featuring aircraft of the Royal Air Force and Fleet Air Arm.

*Scuffing to the frame*


Overall framed size 54cm x 54cm

Hercules XV195.

A pencil print of Lockheed C130 Hercules XV195.

Originally operating from R.A.F. Lyneham, Wiltshire, they now operate from R.A.F Brize Norton, Oxfordshire.


Overall framed size 53cm x 43cm

Famous Fighters: Curtiss P40-N Warhawk By Mark Postlethwaite

A limited edition print signed by Colonel Don Lopez.

Colonel Lopez served with the famous 1 st American Volunteer Group (A.V.G.), nicknamed “The Flying Tigers” under General Chennault in China. He flew more than one hundred missions against the advancing Japanese and is credited with shooting down five enemy aircraft.

By the time the A.V.G. was disbanded in July 1942 they had been credited with shooting down two hundred and ninety-six enemy aircraft for the loss of fourteen pilots.


Overall framed size 42cm x 55cm

Boulton Paul Defiant. By Brian Knight

A Boulton Paul Defiant MkI of 255 Sqn, R.A.F. Kirton-in-Lindsey.

The Defiant was conceived as a day fighter, and initially performed well until the German fighters became aware of the powerful four-gun turret. They were eventually withdrawn from day fighter squadrons and moved into the night fighter role where they had considerable success. They were replaced by the Bristol Beaufighter and De Havilland Mosquito.


Overall framed size 40cm x 36cm

Rosie's Crew, Thorpe Abbotts 1943 by Gil Cohen

Pilot Lt. Robert "Rosie" Rosenthal briefs his crew on last minute details before boarding "Rosie's Riveters," a B-17 of the 318th Squadron, 100th Bomb Group, Eight U.S. Army Air Force. This was the first of three tours of duty for "Rosie" with the "Bloody One-Hundredth." Before Germany's surrender, he would fly a total of 52 combat missions and attain the rank of Colonel.

Limited edition, 882/900, signed by the artist and Robert "Rosie" Rosenthal.

*Previously framed. Tape marks to the reverse of the print and small tape marks to the front top corners*


Overall Size 85cm x 64cm

Lancaster Attack on the Möhne Dam 16th/17th May 1943 by Frank Wootton

On the night of the 16th / 17th May 1943 Lancaster bombers of 617 Sqn , led by the legendary Guy Gibson , carried out one of the most audacious bombing raids in history when they attacked the mighty Dams of the Ruhr valley using the ingenious bouncing bomb. This outstanding tribute to the Lancaster bomber depicts the moment when the walls of the Möhne Dam give way...This is one of only 850 copies published in 1977 by Blaze Fine Arts to benefit the R.A.F. Museum Appeal...This superb print from the late Frank Wootton is personally hand signed in pencil by the ingenious engineer and inventor Sir BARNES WALLIS; the brains behind the groundbreaking Upkeep Bomb used in the Dambuster's Raid it is also by the artist Frank Wootton.

Limited edition 589/850, signed by the artist and Sir Barnes Wallis C.B.E, F.R.S

*This print has been previously framed and has the remains of tape around the back on all four sides!!*


Overall Size 60cm x 57cn

Uneven Odds by Robert Taylor

In August 1940, Frank Carey let No 43 Squadron's 'A' Flight into 'Schwarms of JU87s', escorted by Me109s. Though hopelessly outnumbered, Carey accounted for 4 JU87s before running out of ammunition. Robert Taylor's painting captures the trauma of the battle.

Limited edition, 246/990

Signed by the artist and Group Captain Frank Carey

*Previously framed. Creases to the white border and discoloration on the coloured border where framed previously. Tape to reverse and the border has been trimmed. All of this is hidden behind the mount*


Overall Size 66cm x 56cm


Eagle Squadron By Robert Taylor

Robert Taylor's tribute to the young American volunteer pilots who joined the RAF to fight for freedom at the time when Britain stood alone against the Nazi domination in Europe.

This print is the companion print to Eagle Force and is only available if bought with this print.

Signed by:

Flight Lieutenant JOHN CAMBELL



*Please note this print was previously framed and has tape marks to the reverse of the print.*


      Overall Size 65cm x 49cm

The Greatest Air Battle By Gil Cohen

Don Blakeslee flying his mark V Spitfire of 133 Squadron shoots down an FW190 in the chaotic air battle over the Dieppe landing, on 19th August 1942.

Limited edition pencil print of 133 worldwide and signed by Don Blakeslee and Gil Cohen. The publisher managed to get 20 of this edition signed by a further 4 pilots. This print is one of those 20. Additionally signed by:

Air Commodore Pete Brothers o/c 602 Squadron

Air Commodore John Ellacombe 253 Squadron

Flight Lieutenant Sir Joe Atkinson 609 Squadron

Wing Commander Herbert Tappin 3 Squadron

*Please note this print was previously framed and has tape marks to the reverse of the print.*



Overall Size 55cm x 48cm

Hawker Hurricane Mk 1 By Philip West

The Hawker Hurricane was Britain's most important aircraft in the Battle of Britain, credited with destroying more enemy aircraft than all other forms of defence combined. Flown by Flying Officer Arthur Cowes, the aircraft depicted shows seven kill markings displayed as stripes on the Hornet motif.

Signed by the Artist Philip West and the following former Hurricane pilots:

Flt. Lt. Peter May

Flt. Lt. Michael Penny



Overall Size 53cm x 39cm

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