Framed Military Pictures and Prints

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Cockleshell Heroes by Jack Russell

This fantastic print is by the artist and former England cricket wicket keeper Jack Russell. The limited edition print, 29/850, is also signed by Bill Sparks DSM, one of only two members of the original SBS raid in Bordeaux who survived the raid (operation Frankton). Bill Sparks DSM sadly died in 2002.

Signed by Jack Russell and Bill Sparks DSM


Overall framed size 70cm x 58cm

The Imperial Guard Melee at Austerlitz By Giuseppe Rava

Giuseppe Rava is a self taught artist who first started illustrating children's books but who is now better known for his military illustrations. Giuseppe has produced work for, amongst other, “Italeri", "Hat Industrie","Games Workshop", "Osprey" "Histoire et Collections", "A Call to Arms", "Back Falcon Publication", "Editrice Militare Italiana", "Andrea Miniatures", "Emhar".



Overall framed size 44cm x 58cm

The Battle of Abu Klea By William Barnes Wollen

A relief force under the command of General Sir Garnet Wolseley left Cairo to relieve General Gordon who had been trapped in Khartoum for 7 month by the Sudanese Mahdists. General Wolseley sent a 1800 strong Camel Corps force under the command of General Sir Herbert Stewart, directly across country where the Nile bends to the East. At a caravan stop called Abu Klea. The Camel Corps encountered a Mahdist force of 10,000 under the command of Mohammed Ahmed. A desperate hand to hand battle took place on the 17 th of January but the Mahdist forces were repulsed. The Mahdist losses were over 1,000 killed compared to the Anglo-Egyptian losses of 168. General Stewarts Camel Corps fought its way to the Nile and arrived two days later but Stewart had been mortally wounded. The command went to Lord Charles Beresford who continued up the Nile and arrived on January 28, but only 48 hours to late to save Gordon.

*Light scuffs to frame. The print is dry mounted*


Overall framed size 74cm x 55cm

Action at Arras, France, 21st May 1940 By David Pentland

88mm AA guns of the 23rd Flak Regiment, used as anti-tank guns by orders of Rommel himself, are shown firing on British Matilda tanks of 4th/7th Royal Tank Regiment.

ARRAS – Rommel's report of being attacked by hundreds of tanks put a halt to the German advance for twenty-four hours. This break gave the British troops the time they needed to arrange the retreat through Dunkirk. In an effort to restrain the German advance the British 1 st Tank Brigade, 6 th Durham Light Infantry and the French 3 rd Light Armoured Division were quickly mustered under the command of Major General Franklyn. The subsequent attack on Rommel's 7 th Panzer Division divided the Panzers into two devastated rifle regiments and some of the 3 rd SS Division panicked and ran. However, Rommel eventually beat off the British tanks using his anti-aircraft guns.

Limited edition number 124/1150

*Light Scuffs to frame*


Overall framed size 81cm x 67cm

General Vicomte Gort V.C.

An original print from the French publication L'Illustration, published 17 th February 1940

General Gort commanded The British Expeditionary Force in France until its eventual evacuation from Dunkirk, between 26 th May – 4 th June 1940.

*Scuffs to frame. Small dent on top right corner*


Overall framed size 31cm x 41cm

Anton And Friends: French Cornet De Voltigeurs. By Neil Thompson

A limited edition print, signed by the artist.

Limited edition number 352/1000


Overall framed size 34cm x 44cm

Anton And Friends: French Grenadier, Retreat From Moscow. By Neil Thompson

A limited edition print, signed by the artist.

Limited edition number 349/1000


Overall framed size 34cm x 44cm

Swiss Troops.

After Keller, 1795

A copy of an 18 th Century coloured engraving showing Swiss troops from Basel guarding a bridge.


Overall framed size 35cm x 32cm

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