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Launch At Sundown. By Philip West

An original concept pencil drawing for the print “Launch at Sundown”.

Under full after-burner, an F-4B Phantom of VF-111 (Sundowners) launches from the carrier U.S.S. Coral Sea, positioned in the Gulf of Tonkin, 6 th March 1972. The crew will engage and destroy an MiG-17 over North Vietnam during the mission.


Overall framed size 54cm x 41cm

Cats In Action Over Bosnia. By Philip West

An original concept pencil drawing showing two Royal Air Force Sepecat Jaguar “In Action over Bosnia”.


Overall framed size 52cm x 42cm

Phantom Launch From H.M.S. Ark Royal. By Philip West

An original pencil drawing showing a Royal Navy Phantom launching from the desk of H.M.S. Ark Royal whilst a Buccaneer gets waved off by the L.S.O.


Overall framed size 49cm x 30cm

Operation Deny Flight. By Philip West

An original pencil drawing showing a Jaguar GR1A flying low and fast during Operation Deny Flight in support of UN Forces in the former Yugoslavia, 1995.


Overall framed size 53cm x 44cm

Sergeant, 1 st Battalion, The Queen's Regiment, Public Duties 1970. By Charles Stadden

An original watercolour by renowned military artist, Charles Stadden.

The figure depicts a sergeant of the 1 st Battalion, The Queen's Regiment.

* Old Hogarth frame with normal wear. Slight browning to the watrcolour paper*


Overall framed size 35cm x 42cm

Colour Party, The Queen's Regiment. By Charles Stadden

An original watercolour by renowned military artist, Charles Stadden.

The picture depicts the Colour Party of The Queen's Regiment.

* Old Hogarth frame with normal wear*


Overall framed size 39cm x 38cm

Royal West Kent Regiment, 1934. By F. C. M. T., 1948

A lovely, original watercolour caricature of an officer of The Royal West Kent Regiment in 1934.

*Wear and scuffs to frame*


Overall framed size 23cm x 33cm

Help Him Win By Saving and Serving

In an attempt to convince the American population to buy bonds and therefore finance the war effort, propaganda posters often resorted to guilting people into donating their money. Rather than advertising war bonds (which could cost thousands of dollars and were usually directed at the higher classes, large companies, and financial institutions), this poster asks that people buy war savings stamps. Different from postal savings stamps, they were still distributed through the Post Office and could be purchased at a much lower cost - making them more attainable to the "ordinary citizen".

This message is conveyed through the image on the poster of a young boy and girl each clasping a hand of senior officer John J. Pershing. The solemn expression of the soldier and the admiring upward glances of the children insinuate that there is no better way to spend your money than by donating to the war effort. Doing so serves a much higher purpose than anything else a child could use their money for.


Overall Size 55cm x 81cm

Help Them, Keep Your War Savings Pledge

An original American World War One propaganda poster depicting machine gunners and encouraging citizens to purchase War Savings Stamps to help fund American involvement in World War One.

Designed by Casper Emerson Jr. Published by the U.S Treasury Department circa 1917 and printed by American Lithographic Company, New York.

* Light creases, tear top center approx 5cm. Tear left side approx 2cm. Colours are very good*


Overall Size 55cm x 81cm

Hun or Home

HUN OR HOME, Buy More Liberty Bonds, original poster created by artist Patrick Henry Raleigh.
Published: Chicago : Edwards & Deutsch Litho. Co., c. 1918.

The USA entered the First World War in 1917. It established a system for the general population to make financial contributions to the war effort in the form of Liberty Bonds, the equivalent of the British War Bonds. Tales of (largely unfounded) atrocities, such as rape, child murder and mutilation and abuse of soldiers' bodies, were behind many of the images for such posters. In this one, the German soldier, identifiable by his spiked helmet, looms up like an ape toward a female figure. The imminence of horror is intensified by the fact that she is clutching a baby.

*Light creasing, good colour*


Overall Size 55cm x 81cm

Red Cross Penny-A-Week Fund

An original World War Two poster, Give an EXTRA penny-a-week to the Red Cross PENNY-A-WEEK FUND by Clive Upton and printed by Charles & Read Ltd, London, WC2

The poster encourages people to give an extra penny a week to help provide Red Cross parcels to British P.O.W's. The image shows a Sgt. Pilot and Private soldier unpacking Red Cross parcels behind barbed wire.

*Horizontal and vertical folds, light creases but no tears*


Overall Size 53cm x 78cm

In-Flight Refuelling By Michael Turner FGAvA

This is an original watercolour painting by Michael Turner FGAvA, currently president of the Guild of Aviation Artists, depicting a two concept aircraft in-flight refuelling at high altitude.

Currently I have no more information about the subject matter but I am still researching it so will update the description when I know more. This is still a unique piece of art by a world famous aviation artist.


*Please note this painting was not framed but us so has some light scuffs but is in generally good condition*


Overall Size 84cm x 64cm

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